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The CESS GmbH offers a high quality range of products that have been proven many times its performance capability characteristics under real conditions.

Our Products

The CESS team has developed specific customized solutions for energy systems, which are specifically tailored for gas and electricity operators and municipal utilities to meet the future needs of energy systems as listed below:

Energy Network Operation System
Monitoring & Analysis for Grid Control Centers (SCADA, EMS, WAMS)

Integrated Gas/ Hydrogen & Power Energy Systems Solution 

Our Services

We develop software solutions for energy system control centers in supporting the decarbonization of the energy systems including the use of hydrogen as a future energy carrier.

Our Services

The CESS group offers a wide range of comprehensive services in the field of energy and integrated systems towards “Decarbonization” of the energy system, accelerating the “Energy Transition”.

To this end, novel and advanced algorithms, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine/Deep Learning (ML/DL) approaches, are implemented in the provided solutions.

In more detail, our services are as follows:

Integrated Gas/ Hydrogen & Electricity Networks Consulting

› Energy Systems Solutions Provision

› Renewable Energy Consulting & Studies

› Energy Project Planning

› Training for Renewable Energy

› Spare Parts Provision

About us

We bring highly-qualified employees such as engineers and programmers together, who are specialized in design, development and implementation of specific customized solutions for any kind of energy systems.

About us

The CESS team brings together highly-qualified employees such as engineers, programmers, geographers, cartographers and ornithologists. Our engineers are specialized in design, development and implementation of specific customized solutions for any kind of low-carbon energy systems.

CESS Clean Energy System Solutions is equipped to provide services that are designed to facilitate the Energy Transition targets and policies through a cost-effective shift towards a low/net-zero carbon future.

We help you to find the best solution for your low/net-zero carbon energy projects