Energy Network Operation System Monitoring & Analysis for Grid Control Centers (SCADA, EMS, WAMS)

The CESS group has developed its own solution for SCADA systems and WAMS including storing, monitoring, evaluation, analyzation & visualization of energy systems.

This solution is the heart of the control and management approach required by the energy network operation and control centers

Our presented solutions leverage advanced methods like artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time decision-making capabilities for power system operations

This allows for a thorough analysis and observation of the grid’s current status and precise future state-estimation, catering to the need for immediate and smart responses in power systems operation

The impact of new technologies are considered in our solution to meet the requirements for the future control centers

Our solution complies with new standards and protocols

The main ability of our solution includes:

    • System monitoring & control
    • Data acquisition
    • Data evaluation & analyzation
    • Data storing & visualization

Due to the invention and expansion of the use of phasor measurement units (PMU) in controlling and managing of control centers, new challenges and horizons have been raised in the world. Currently a limited number of research centers in Europe and the United States are also involved with this subject.

In more detail, the abilities of our developed product are:

    • Implementation based on sending and receiving protocols of used data
    • Storing SCADA & PMU data
    • State estimation using SCADA and PMU data for PMU control centers
    • Calculation of the state vector of the system at short intervals
    • Voltage stability assessment
    • Network topology detection
    • Load forecasting
    • Evaluation of network security
    • Suitable visualization of the results
    • Simultaneous use of SCADA and phasor data
    • Ability of real time application

General Architecture

System features: 

    • Real-Time and Play-Back functionality
    • Ability to communicate and receive information from PMU and PDC with different brands and different frame rates
    • Microsoft SQL Server database
    • Long-term data storage in NoSQL format
    • WEB-Base architecture and Windows Application
    • Real time display and data analysis
    • The ability to send signals and warning messages to users through SMS, Email and voice alarms
    • Ability to upload raw data
    • Transmission network single-line diagram (SLD) module with the possibility to edit the arrangement of posts
    • Parallel processing, cyber security, high reliability, accessibility, redundancy and firewalls
    • The possibility of defining the variable by the user
    • Transmission network dynamic mode estimation module based on the combined data of SCADA and PMU systems

CESS SCADA/ WAMS system design is based on the following standards:

    • IEEE Std C37.118.1™-2011
    • IEEE Std C37.118.2™-2011
    • IEEE Std C37.247™-2019
    • IEEE Std ™-2013
    • IEEE Std C37.111-1999
    • IEC60870-5-101, 104
    • IEC60870-6-TASE.2
    • IEC61850
    • ISO 9506 MMS
    • ISO 8650 ACSE